Hi, I'm Anneke

 Above All I am the proud Mother Of Milla.

I love all that is pure. I am impulsive, but also accountable. I am social, but also know when to take a step aside. Compassionate, sensitive, adventurous, full of passion, and a tiny bit of a rebel.  A perfectionist and forever searching. A wanderer, a vegetarian.  A music, nature and life lover. 


In My Photography the three most important words are PURE, REAL and LOVE. Spontaneous photo’s is what I do best. 

 As a little girl I used to “borrow” my dads camera. Resulting in owning my first camera when I was 9. During my career as a dive instructor, I came in contact with underwater photography and videography. While doing this as a job I fell in love with photography all over again. When I gave up diving professionally and returned to Belgium. I made myself the promise not to lose touch with photography… and I didn’t. 

I wanted to learn the art of photography like it had always been taught up until now. I wanted to shoot with a camera obscura and get my hands dirty in dark room. I was lucky to be part of the last class who had this opportunity. After my year everything went digital. I do believe that learning analog first gave me an extra. 

Soon I got to combine photography and my love for live music. I was lucky enough to be the in house photographer for Muziekcentrum Trix and OLT Rivierenhof. And on the side I would follow bands and shoot for music magazines.

This however is not where my love for photography stopped. And neither did life.

 I started indewolkenfotografie  where I would focus more on the beginning and the ending of life. Due to the panic things did not go as planned. 

I continued to take photo’s of life and love and everything above.