Based in Antwerp

As a little Girl I used to “borrow” my dads camera resulting in owning my first camera at age 9. I firstly pursued my other passion and became a dive instructor. After doing a little bit of underwater videography I rediscovered my love for photography and started doing underwater photography with a compact zoom. When I gave up diving professionally to return to Belgium after 10 years of living in destinations like The Red Sea and Thailand. I made myself the promise not to lose touch with photography. And I didn’t.. 

I wanted to learn the art of Photography like it had always been taught up until now. Even though in Belgium it is not necessary anymore to do so, I felt like I had to follow these steps and so I did. In 2009 I enrolled in adult photography classes at SISA in Antwerp. As one of the last students I still got taught the art of analog B/W photography and got to get dirty in a dark room. By doing so my respect for this dying art grew.  Soon I  combined my passion for photography with my love for music and became a music photographer.  I was lucky enough to shoot for several bands and I was/am the in house photographer for Openluchttheater Rivierenhof and Muziekcentrum Trix.  This is however not where my interest stops. Whenever I can, you will find me with my camera in hand because without it I feel naked. It’s almost like life is not lived without a photo to prove it. Recently I installed a home studio and from now on I am also able to do kids, family and portrait shoots indoors. My passion is to make photo’s that are real. Those in-between moments is what I go for. That second the person in front of my camera forgets that I am there. PURE